We are driven to minimize barriers to improve retinal care everywhere, especially in underserved and rural areas.

Experience & Expertise

With over 600 organizations using EyePACS, we are the largest U.S. screening program outside of vertically integrated systems. Our leadership team and network of clinics bring decades of experience and knowledge to the creation of high-performing and sustainable blindness prevention programs.

Why We Do It

"In my early years as a retinal surgeon I watched people go blind from diabetic retinopathy for lack of a proven treatment for the disease.

After I helped provide the evidence that laser treatment can prevent blindness from diabetes, I watched people go blind for not getting to me in time for the most effective treatment. Too many people were not getting screened for retinopathy early enough.

I joined EyePACS because I believe that primary-care based telemedicine screening could bring diabetic retinopathy screening to people where they get their primary medical care.

Through our efforts, many more people are getting screened. But too many people are still losing vision. Why?

Because they are not able to respond adequately to the screening warnings; they weren't getting to the eye doctor or they weren't sticking to the eye treatment.

Today, I feel that we are finally in the last lap of a very long race to eliminate diabetic retinopathy blindness. We are expending our efforts to better inform people how to save their vision, to remove barriers to their receiving effective care, and to encourage them to complete their treatments.

That's why I continue do what I do—after more than 50 years in the field."

"We are finally in the last lap of a very long race to eliminate diabetic retinopathy blindness."

Dr. George Bresnick Public Health Ophthalmology

The EyePACS Leadership Team

Dr. Jorge Cuadros

Ocular Telehealth

Jorge Cuadros, OD (UC Berkeley), PhD (Medical Information Science, UC San Francisco) has been continuously involved in telemedicine-based eye care since 1994 having both clinical and technical expertise in medical information science.

A History Of Success

Dr. Jorge Cuadros and Dr. Wyatt Tellis met during their Biological and Medical Information Science doctoral program at UC San Francisco in 2000. Dr. Cuadros had been working on telemedicine-based eye care programs since 1994. At the same time, Dr. Tellis was working in radiology informatics. Together, they began development of EyePACS in 2001. They launched their first diabetic retinopathy screening program in 2003 in a small community clinic run by UCSF Fresno.

In 2005, they partnered with California Health Care Foundation to build sustainable diabetic retinopathy screening programs in community clinics all over California. They launched a pilot program comprised of 13 sites in the Central Valley. They used EyePACS to upload images and the UC Berkeley clinical faculty interpreted the images. Due to the success of the pilot program, they were able to create more programs across the state and over 600 organizations nationwide use EyePACS today.


We work with world-renowned research and healthcare organizations to provide services that help prevent permanent vision loss.


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