Clinical Services

We provide a variety of services to help you set up and maintain your retinal disease detection program.

Experienced Professionals

All of our optometrists and ophthalmologists complete a credentialing process to ensure that your EyePACS system gives you consistent and measurable results that you can trust.

Retinal consults for patients

Our experienced team of optometrists and ophthalmologists provides consultations within minutes after retinal images are uploaded. In addition to grading the level of diabetic eye disease, they make recommendations about any other findings such as sight-threatening glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Your Existing Eye Care Providers

If your organization already has eye care providers who review your patients’ retinas, we can improve their efficiency, and ensure best practices. We can also provide extra support, such as quality assurance and specialist opinions on difficult cases. Contact us to learn more.

System integration

Seamlessly connect the EyePACS system to your electronic medical record or other information system. We provide standards-compliant bi-directional secure, scalable, and robust interfaces.

Program Sustainability

We focus on making your diabetic blindness prevention program financially viable in the long term. Taking into account the changing healthcare environment and the experience of hundreds of clinics, we'll help find the methods that work best for you.

System Implementation

We help you create and sustain your program in 5 simple steps:


Set-up of the retinal camera


Integrate retinal screening with clinical workflow and billing systems


Orient, train, and certify staff


Provide ongoing support by regional EyePACS program staff


Work with you to assure high rates of patient adherence with eye specialist referrals and ocular treatment

A Global Perspective

We've introduced blindness prevention programs around the world in places like Mexico, the Brazilian rainforest, Armenia, Guyana, North Africa and more. Our goal is to provide support wherever there's a need.


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Connect with us to discuss how EyePACS can help your diabetic blindness prevention program.

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