We are always investigating new methods to help prevent blindness.

Before EyePACS was created, our founders were deeply involved in research. Dr. George Bresnick participated in the Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS), which provided the worldwide DR grading scale that is still used today.

We continue to participate in research to find the best blindness prevention methods and technology.

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Published Books

Teleophthalmology: Dr. Jorge Cuadros and other international experts discuss technical issues, digital imaging and their experiences practicing different teleophthalmology applications. Opthalmologists and other professionals can find relevant and important information for setting up their own programs.

Teleretinal Imaging: Dr. Jorge Cuadros, along with 2 other experts, co-wrote this book to provide guidance on how to implement digital teleretinal screenings successfully in various settings. It is comprised of high quality information for professionals involved in eye care delivery.

Research Publications

Diabetic Retinopathy and the cascade into vision loss: Despite diabetic retinopathy being a highly preventable and treatable disease, there are still many people who lose their vision due to "cascading morbidities". These can be "(1) chronic conditions, (2) social or relational factors, and (3) economic and practical resources."

Can Commercially Available Handheld Retinal Cameras Effectively Screen Diabetic Retinopathy? We tested handheld cameras as an alternative to fundus cameras as they are low-cost and lightweight. However, along with other professionals, we concluded that they are usable options but do not provide sufficient image quality for validated screening programs when compared to fundus cameras.