We are dedicated to help prevent blindness all over the world.

Because diabetic retinopathy can affect anyone who has diabetes anywhere in the world, EyePACS has always been committed to provide our services wherever there's a need. We have worked with numerous international partners to set up retinal screening programs, including Vision For All, University of Toronto, Orbis International, the Health of Ministry in Armenia, and the World Diabetes Foundation and others.

Contact us to establish your program. We will work with you every step of the way, teach you how to use EyePACS, so that you can improve the odds that patients receive screenings, referrals, and appropriate treatment.

Saving Sight in the “Forest Zone” of Brazil

"Of the 50 patients Rajika and her team screened, 44% showed signs of diabetic retinopathy ranging from mild nonproliferative to macular edema, and 26% were identified as urgent for referral to an ophthalmologist."

We Take the EyePACS System to Eurasia

"We were honored to interact with brilliant ophthalmologists who caught on to the EyePACS system very quickly and were enthusiastic about this new technology to improve patient care."

EyePACS Goes to Guyana

"EyePACS aims to support the efforts made to keep patients on track by providing equipment, training and maintenance of a proper diabetic retinopathy screening program."

EyePACS CEO Lectures in Bogota, Colombia

"The enthusiasm of the Colombian students and eye care providers is encouraging and we look forward to developing new retinal screening programs in Colombia and the rest of Latin America."

EyePACS LLC Supports Community-Based Program for Diabetic Blindness Prevention in Central Mexico

"We learned that the Secretaria de Salud de Guanajuato had too few eye care specialists, especially in the rural areas, to mount regular retinal screening."