Franchise Partnership Program

Implement our well-established retinal screening platform in your environment.

The EyePACS Franchise Partnership Program offers all the benefits of the EyePACS Comprehensive Clinical Diagnostic & Study Suite as a foundation of your successful screening program or initiative. Whether your direct program or part of the package you offer to your affiliate clinics, the EyePACS platform and comprehensive suite allows for clinics with a local eye care professional relationship, to license and utilize this renowned platform to achieve their own retinal screening program.

EyePACS has partnered with a number of quality care clinics and medical centers around the world, providing the foundation of their diabetic or retina screening initiatives with the EyePACS Comprehensive Clinical Diagnostic & Study Suite.

The “franchising” opportunity allows start-up screening initiatives to be implemented quickly and efficiently by leveraging the infrastructure, tools and training modules available.

With 15 years of experience in providing a stable and time-tested platform for image and data assessment, diagnosis, interpretation, report generation, tracking and archiving for fundus and OCT data analysis, EyePACS has proven a valuable tool for diabetic, ophthalmic and neurological care analysis.


The EyePACS Cloud Data Center and the Comprehensive Clinical Diagnostic & Study Suite of services built around the platform, ushered in the era of cloud-based diagnostic reading centers in 2002.

Since creating the first web-based retina diagnostic reading center, EyePACS is now both the leading and the largest cloud-based service with 15 years of brand-building quality, reliability, professionalism and validated telemedicine programs and services. EyePACS is the standard for cloud-based retina diagnostic and referral services in telemedicine.

*EyePACS Franchising carries restrictions and branding requirements. For information, please send your inquiry to