Clinical Trials

We work with companies to translate science into practical applications.

EyePACS is driven to help patients preserve their vision. We have readily available access to a large diverse population of patients with diabetes and all levels of diabetic retinopathy. Several clinics who use EyePACS are already well-established for clinical trials.

Whether you are investigating a new process for health care delivery, validating new technology for regulatory approval, or improving a process for engaging patients, we provide complete clinical trial services. We’re interested in partnering with research groups to improve how patients get screened, referred, and treated.

Our work

Aeon Imaging: Aeon Imaging invited us to in their Phase II clinical trials of their DLP-Cam. It was a vital stage to prove that the camera could be used in widespread treatment for patients.

Optovue: EyePACS partnered with Optovue to compare the retinal thickness distribution measured with iVue SD-OCT and the iVueT Normative Database. We tested for both diabetic retinopathy and macular edema. As a result, further analysis was needed considering factors such as gender, coexisting retinal diseases, and the fundus photo Macular Edema grading accuracy issue.