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EyePACS CEO Lectures in Bogota, Colombia

October 11, 2016

University of La Salle in Bogotá, Colombia, is often considered the "Berkeley" of Latin American optometry, with the most advanced graduate program in Latin America. From October 6 through 9, Jorge Cuadros, OD, PhD, was invited to lecture about diabetic retinopathy and technology to an international audience of eye care professionals and provide a workshop for vision science masters students. Dr. Cuadros reported, "Not only was it a rewarding experience because of the interest and desire of the participants, but it was a lot of fun!"

As part of an effort to raise the accuracy and consistency of retinal disease triage in primary care, the students were instructed on the well-validated EyePACS Retinal Grading System, developed by EyePACS medical director, George Bresnick, MD, MPA. The students later examined and triaged patients with diabetes at La Salle's Teleoptometry Clinic. "The enthusiasm of the Colombian students and eye care providers is encouraging” Cuadros said, " and we look forward to developing new retinal screening programs in Colombia and the rest of Latin America."

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