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Overview for Providers

Providers are an essential element of the EyePACS telemedicine program. In most clinics, diabetes patients are referred for screenings by the doctors who see them in the course of their regular diabetes management program. In order to ensure that clinic providers are making these referrals for patients who need them, doctors need to know that a clinic is committed to the program, understand how the program works, and be aware of its benefits for patients.
We invite you to learn more about how EyePACS can enable you to prevent diabetic blindness.


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“Given our demographics – 80% of our patients are diabetic – this program has a huge potential impact on the population we serve.” 

- J.E., Director of Operations





The affordable, portable retinal camera solution: perfect for primary care

OptoVue iCam


The new Optovue iCam high-resolution non-mydriatic fundus camera is easy to use, easy to interface, and specifically designed for primary care clinics. 

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  "Diabetic Retinopathy is the 
   leading cause of blindness..." 

"...we have actually been able to prevent
advanced eye disease blindness..."
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                           Lyn Berry MD, Director of primary care
                           Alameda County Medical Center