EyePACS: helping to
prevent diabetic blindness

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness among working age adults. Early detection
through retinal exams and prompt treatment can reduce vision loss by as much as 90%.
Despite this potential for saving sight, only half of patients with diabetes get recommended annual retinal exams.

EyePACS is a simple to use, cost-effective, web-based program that effectively detects

diabetic retinopathy. EyePACS makes it easy for Diabetes Care Providers to ensure their
patients get the retinal exams they need for timely detection of sight-threatening eye disease.

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  "Diabetic retinopathy is the
   leading cause of blindness
   among working age adults..."

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case stories:

"... we have actually been able to prevent
advanced eye disease blindness..."
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                  Lyn Berry MD, Director of Primary Care
                        Alameda County Medical Center

"I didn't know I could lose my vision until I went
to my doctor..."
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                       Patricia Andrade, Patient

"...this is a special lens—-it is very easy to take
a picture It takes me about 5 minutes..."
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                       Moua Thao,Medical Assistant/
                       Retinal Photographer
Golden Valley Health Center


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The affordable, portable retinal camera solution: perfect for primary care

OptoVue iCam


The new Optovue iCam high-resolution non-mydriatic fundus camera is easy to use, easy to interface, and specifically designed for primary care clinics. 

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or call 1-800-228-6144

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